UK Football Matches

UK Football Matches

Betfred UK Football Matches

Betfred Uk Modification of personal data and subscriptions to alerts and news 

By logging into his BETFRED UK account, the player can directly modify the following elements of his BETFRED account: his fixed telephone number, his mobile telephone number, his card details account, his betting history, his daily subscription to receive news from Betfred Uk, his subscription to receive alerts or UK football matches in the event of winnings on draw games or online sports betting or in the event of promotional offers, his password and, where applicable, his PIN code. The player can also, after entering his password, modify his e-mail address.

4.3.1. Betfred Uk modification of surname, first name or civility

To modify the surname, first names or civility of the player appearing in his BETFRED UK account, the player must send a copy of his national identity card, his passport, his drive with their valid residence permit or residence card, attesting to the modification, in electronic format, via the contact form, accessible from the “Contact us” section of the websites and applications. To use the free betting tips by Betfred UK, the player must sign an application first.

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